Welcome to the Rotary Club of West Shore

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship.
If you are an established professional who wants to make positive changes in the world and in your
community - particularly Camp Hill, Lemoyne, and New Cumberland - come join us!

What's Happening at the Rotary Club of the West Shore
August 2, 2022 - Club members showed up in force to help celebrate National Night Out in Camp Hill! Whether it was a bottle of cold water to quench thirst, a lollipop for a sweet treat, or getting a temporary tattoo (or two!) to show their patriotism, community members were able to learn a little more about Rotary and see that we care about the community in which we live, work, and serve.
We got an extra treat when RYLA participant Sarah G. from Camp Hill High School stopped by to say hello! In her words, "RYLA was the best part of my whole summer!" 
We are grateful for the many ways in which we can give back!
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Flags for Heroes 2022 is actively seeking sponsorships for this year's event! 
Through your flag sponsorship, not only will you honor someone who is an everyday hero in your book, but your sponsorship ends up in the local community helping those in need. That's a win for you as a sponsor, one for your honoree, and one for the community. What could be better than a win-win-win?
Sponsorship information is available on the Flags for Heroes 2022 page or by emailing the club at westshoreparotary@gmail.com. We request that all sponsorships be submitted by the end of August to ensure inclusion in the dedication ceremony program. 
All are invited to the dedication ceremony which will be held on Monday, September 12, 2022 from11:00 am - Noon at the Penn Harris Hotel.
Club members were out in full force at the Iron Bridge Music Festival in New Cumberland on Saturday, June 18.
Whether it was answering questions about Rotary International, sharing information about the club's annual Flags for Heroes event, or just making new friends, it's important to be out and about in the communities in which we serve.
Look for us at future events in the Camp Hill, Lemoyne, and New Cumberland areas. And... if you have an event that you think we should attend, feel free to reach out to Club President Bim Arthun with your suggestion(s)!
When our club heard that Mission Central was running low on hats, gloves, and scarves, we quickly assembled the troops and collected items to help those in need keep warm. Given that it was 18 degrees this morning, this drop off was more than a little timely!
Pictured left to right is Club President Rod Hite, members Erin Sunday & Bim Arthun, and Mission Central's Stephanie Titzel.
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